Hello, I'm new to this forum. Can you help me find:

kendaz(z5b /6a KS/MO)May 11, 2003

Hello, I'm a frequent GW lurker who needs help finding a couple of specific Hellebores. I have been growing one evergreen, lime-green blossoming lenten rose for about 6 or 7 years. Believe it or not, it has been squished between two boxwood bushes that finally fully engulfed it this year. I dug it up and moved it to my woodland-style garden under 3 huge pine trees. After skimming some of the threads on this forum, am I right that these guys do not like non-deciduous, acidy, full shade? I thought I'd found the perfect spot. The blooms just sparkle in that shade.

I am also searching for:

* a large flowered white, evergreen hellebore and

* a large flowered purple (like to color of wild violets), evergreen hellebore.

I looked through Picadilly's site and was overwhelmed. I couldn't find anything about evergreen vs. deciduous foliage and the diameter of the flowers. It seems some of them can be small. My current lime-green hellebore has large flowers. Love it, Love it and it gathers so many questions such as "Is that a Peony growing in the shade?"

I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks,


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For specific colors in Lenten Roses, I have ordered from Heronswoodnursery.com. Have also found some white ones at the big orange box(HD), but you have to buy them in bloom, as they aren't marked with specific colors. I also buy from a small mail-order nursery in Decatur, GA, ECO Gardens. He doesn't have an active web-site, but has printed list. e-mail him at eco-gardens@mindspring.com(Don Jacobs) and request specific info on what you want.This man has 25+ years experience in growing and hybridizing Helleborus and offers some unequaled beauties for sale(Not cheap, but un-available anywhere else).

Typically, Lenten Roses(and most Helleborus) prefer a circumneutral to slightly alkaline soil, but I've had great success growing them under pine trees. I always mix a large hand-ful of dolomitic lime into the soil before planting and that seems to make them happy.
Good Luck!

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