Rabbits - Grrr!

dlbk(6a)May 30, 2014

Rabbits have systematically munched almost every stem and bud from my hellebores and I am *not* pleased. What do you do to deter rabbits? (I've used a hot pepper spray - is there something more permanent/longer lasting?) After waiting all winter, this is terribly disappointing.

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Hmm, I seldom if ever had rabbit dmg, though I had rabbits eating more succulent things.
I found rabbit elimination (traps) was most effective...though they buggers kept coming back and nesting under my porch...and thus unleashing one or two floods of baby bunnies a year into the garden.

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That's interesting you got rabbit damage, they must have have been really desperate unless you're saying they ate the new foliage that was pushed out in the spring. I haven't had a rabbit problem with mine although I have rabbits eat other things. I too use the trap and release method. For me, this only works when they are desperate for food in late January or February. Also, I keep watch out for rabbit nests and relocate the babies when they are old enough to leave their Mom.

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I would not expect this to be a recurring problem. Hellebores are quite toxic and are usually free from predation by deer, rabbits and other furry critters. That doesn't mean they will never touch poisonous plants - much depends on the age of the individual animal and how desperate they are for food - but I'd be willing to bet that the bunnies were not feeling well after their hellebore banquet.

Most commercial deer repellants will work on rabbits as well.

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