Question re: Repotting Rosemary

Magret(z5OH)January 3, 2007

Hello. I have a rosemary plant that is approximately 1 1/2 feet high and is looking quite good while living in my living room. I'm amazed at how healthy it is and am overjoyed at the fact that it is setting flowers. It sits over a tray of water for humidity and right in front of my south-facing patio door so if there is any sun to be had (about 1 in 7 days here during winter) it gets the full effect.

Unfortunately, I was moving it a little and accidentally broke its pot. My question is how best to repot it. Should I use exactly the same size pot? One a little bigger? It has been in terra cotta and seems to be loving it so should I stick with terra cotta as opposed to plastic?

I don't want to jinx my beautiful rosemary. I've never had one do this well inside the house, much less survive until January!

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.



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how crowded was it in it's pot? if it was new to the pot, I'd use the same size. If it has been there awhile, I'd go one size larger. And use clay, rosemary likes drainage, so clay is best for you.

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Thank you heathen1. It's been in the same pot since I planted it last April. I will get it a new clay pot just slightly larger.

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songbirdmommy(UT 5)

I came on this forum to ask almost the same question.
I have a rosemary that I bought in a 5 gallon container last spring. I transferred it when I got it home into a bigger container(pretty plastic).
When it started getting cold out, I moved it into my jacuzzi bathtub(lucky plant!)
It is starting to grow, and it looks pretty spindly, and the new growth is pale green. I have it in the warmest, sunniest window in the house.
Could it be too big for the pot?
Does it need some fertilizer?
Am I watering it too much, not enough?

I would like to also train it to be more of a standard.... does anyone know how to do this?
I will probably post this question on your forum since it does not have much to do with repotting.

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

I have a Rosemary plant I bought summer 2005 and planted by the deck. It is about 8" high. I dug it up in the fall and stuck it in a pot and put it on the kitchen table by a south-facing window and used little bits off of it all winter, then in the spring we plopped it back into the space it came out of. I just dug it up a few weeks ago and stuck it back into a pot. It has stayed a nice green the whole time, but hasn't gotten any bigger than when I first got it and I don't use THAT much of it. Is it possible I have some kind of dwarf variety? Magret, was yours that big when you got it? Have you always kept it inside? Should I rethink the inside/outside moves?


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Spindly is usually the sign of not enough sun. I wouldn't fertilize any plant during the winter... it's kind of a waste, besides, rosemary's like the soil on the lean side. I don't know about the training part....

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lil_rhody(z6b RI coast)

There are many different types and sizes of Rosemary plants. They range from Dwarf, Standard, Giant and Prostrate (creeping). Some are more hardy while others are more tender.


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What's the best soil to use for Rosemary?

Here is a link that might be useful: Fre Ads NI

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