Peach tree yellowing

nova_gwJune 15, 2008

My little peach tree has been in the ground for about two years now and we have harvested the peaches for the year. Now it is taking a on a yellowish cast just when everything else is taking off from the recent rains. Drainage is not a problem. Any ideas as to what is wrong with it? Should I fertilize? Thanks for any suggestions!


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Mine is doing the exact same thing right now. It is a Florida variety, developed by the Univ. of Florida for growing in the sandy soil of Israel. Don't worry. Mine has lost its leaves every year for the past 3 years after the fruit was harvested. They will grow back, even fuller than before. Hit it with some fertilizer to help the growth and use some fungicide when you see new growth appearing.

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I don't have a peach, but this same thing happened to my Page orange a couple weeks ago. Almost every leaf fell off! I was sure I was going to lose it. But just 2 weeks later and it's covered with new leaves and today I noticed it's also covered with new flower buds.


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Thanks for the reassurance! My DH really loves the peach tree and worries about it alot. What type of fertilizer do you use on your peach tree? I have to admit I have just been using a generic 6-6-6 around mine. Is there something better?


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Use a 10-10-10 or something very close.

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susan, i'm no peach expert but -- yellow leaves often indicates iron deficiency. whenever i have ANY plant with yellow leaves, i add a tablespoon of iron (chelated) to my water can and douse it. (you can spray it, too, which fixes things real quick.) iron deficiency is a sign often of too high or too low pH -- the plant can't absorb the iron that's likely present in your water (well, right?) and ground. do you have a pH meter? your soil should be around 6.5 for almost all fruit trees. it's hard to believe yours is far off of 7, but if you've amended with lots of pine or if your soil is naturally hi/lo, you might need to correct that, too.

finally, let's face it -- lots of water and fertilizer fixes almost everything. use a balanced HI QUALITY fertilizer -- a handful a week scattered around the drip line until the problem clears up. i can't tell you how many plants i've 'fixed' that way.

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Thanks again for the advise. I will feed the tree this afternoon and hopefully the rains will water it in for me!


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