Source of Egyptian Walking Onion seed?

tkopari(Z4 MN)April 10, 2007

Does anyone know of a source for Egyptian Walking Onion seed? I have bulbs on order for late Summer, but I'd like to get some started now.



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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Walking onions do not form true seed, even though they will get a few blossoms. They grow "topsets" instead, a cluster of bulbils at the top of the stalk where the seeds would normally be. Those mature in late summer, hence the requirement to ship in Fall.

Egyptian onions also multiply from the base, so you might be able to get a start in the spring from someone who has plants.

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tkopari(Z4 MN)

Thanks zeedman!

I guess I will change my request from seed to starts.

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mountain valley growers carries this and says its in stock. i don't know anything about the company but i had bookmarked it when i was looking for walking onions. southern exposure seed exchange had some avaliable for spring shipping, but I think they've run out.

Here is a link that might be useful: egyptian walking onion

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virgiebaby165(z6 WNY)

On the Allium Forum, I was lucky to receive some Egyptian Walking Onion sets from a gentleman known as Martin (GW Name: paquetbotZ4BW)in January of this year for postage. I just planted some outside this past week and plan to do more in another week. Do check out that forum.

Ginny B.

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