greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)April 20, 2005

Does anyone have experience growing 'Green Gage' or 'Coe's Golden Drop' or even 'Mirabelle'? I can't seem to find much on these and I'm determined to grow them. I'm also looking at others like 'Pearl' and 'Shiro' as well.

PEARL California 1898

Deep yellow fruit with a heavy white bloom. Deep yellow flesh with excellent flavor; tender, sweet and melting. A seedling of the French prune (Prune d'Agen), introduced by Luther Burbank, but larger than its parent.

SHIRO California 1899

Medium round, yellow fruit with a pink blush. Juicy, translucent flesh with a mild, sweet flavor. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, canning and dessert. Tree is low growing, spreading, very hardy and prolific (may need thinning). Good pollinizer, but not for self.

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bmckay(Z5b MA)

I had a green gage plum for years. Great plum. They are small and incredibly sweet (they are not green when ripe).
I can not remember where I got mine; if you can not find a source, drop me a note and I will hunt around and may be able to find some info.

Bill McKay

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

Thanks so much for your kind offer Bill. I have already acquired the first three (Green Gage, Coe's Golden Drop and Geneva Mirabelle). A little backwards I know, buying them first and then doing my research (they sounded so good though!).

The last two, Pearl and Shiro are on my wish list. I've added another "yellow" plum to it since I first posted, Howard Miracle (another California plum, from Montebello - not too far from where I live).

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