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grjmmrApril 24, 2013

I recently started gardening in the last 2 years. This year I took some seeds that I had stored in the fridge and germinated them. Thinking I would not get a 90% germination, I put 12 seeds in each bin. Surprisingly I had about a 80% germination rate. I then took the seedlings and transfered them to my hydroponics station. Again I figured I would have some weak plants and some strongs plants, so I put 3-4 seedlings in each of my growing medium and you guessed it, they all thrived. So now I have 3-4 pepper plants growing out of the medium and I am not sure what to do. I have a lot of garden space, so I would love to seperate them but I can't do it right now. I need another 3 weeks before I can start transitioning them outdoors. So in 3 weeks I have a few choices.
1) I could try to separate the plants but I may end breaking some of the roots . Does anyone have any suggestions how I may do this so I don't lose any plants

2) or I could just plant my pepper "bushes". My problem with this is, is I assume the plants would fight each other for nutrients.

Any suggestions?



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zzackey(8b GA)

So sorry no one answered your post. I don't come here often or I would have helped you. Anyway, I read that you can soak the seedlings in water, shake the soil off and then you can separate them to plant them by themselves.

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