Basil leaves with black spots surrounded by light film...

BarleysGardenJanuary 8, 2013


I searched the forums but did not see an image quite like this one, if there already was a post for this please send link (thanks!).

These basil plants are only a few weeks old, just within the last few days they have started to have these dark/black spots that are surrounded by a sort of light-colored film.

The spots / areas do not scrape off, they seem to be in/on the leaves, unlike bug eggs or droppings.

Am not sure if I should just spray them with NEEM and see what happens or if there is another solution.

Please advise, there are approx 20-24 plants, all started from seed, and there is another set of seeds started just last week.

Thanks!! Have a great day!

- Barley's Garden

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Those are blotch leaf miners, a tiny larvae that feeds on the interior of the leaves. New foliage might be able to be protected with occasional applications of neem oil.

Snip off the infested leaves and discard.

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Thank you for the advice! Had used Need last week, will snip leaves and re-Neem again today.

Do these miners only affect basil plants??

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

They are pretty much an equal opportunity pest.

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