Seasons Is Fast winding Down...Good

organic_kitten(8)July 13, 2014

I still have a good many last blooms, very late bloomers and rebloomers. Here are a few from the last three days.

Spiderman on rebloom :


Yesterday after several hours in the hot sun:

Golly Galore:

Half Moon Key on rebloom:

Salty Skipper finishing up:

I think Dliverer is finally through blooming:

Old favorite, Indian Giver on rebloom:

Last year, I dug this one up and tossed it under a big oak tree. In full shade, Never planted, just on top of the ground mind you, the silly thing is blooming away. All American Windmill:

Hard times:

Arctic Lace on rebloom:

Last one to begin blooming. FFO on very late Running Late:

Ruby Lipstick still blooming:

Paul Owens Seedling:


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Maryl zone 7a

Half Moon Key is on my list and your picture shows why. The form on Salty Skipper is different but nice. Yes, it's a shame to see the season wind down. I don't think it will be a good rebloom season for me this year and it seems all too brief .....Maryl

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sherrygirl zone5

Golly galore the best , the color combo talks to me. All great, how many varieties in your garden?

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Lots of pretties but Arctic Lace is my number one favorite. Perfect bloom! I also like Golly Galore and P.Owen's seedling today.
Sad about your season winding down. Hope you'll have a lot of rebloomers to post :)

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shive(6b TN)

Arctic Lace is looking great on rebloom, and I like that Paul Owens seedling. My Arctic Lace did not bloom well this year - short scapes and very few buds. It used to always rebloom, but this year I don't see any rebloom scapes. Spiderman looks like its having terrific rebloom. I love all those scapes and how colorfast it is.


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My season started mid-March, and I have had a good bit of re-bloom. I spent a lot of time weeding today, and found that Palace Garden Beauty has put up yet another rebloom scape. I love that particular one, and it is not unusual for it to put up scapes 3 or 4 times, but I didn't expect to find anymore rebloom scapes.

I am actually ready for the season to be over, because I am making a lot of changes in my beds. Some are leaving, some are moving, I am planning to move all daylilies from the very back bed because it has Japanese Maple trees becoming larger and giving shade. Debra, although Arctic Lace bloomed and rebloomed, there were fewer scapes of each than usual. Golly Galore has been a super plant. I would recommend it to anyone with a similar climate to mine. It multiplies well, reblooms reliably, and has large beautiful blooms...and lots of them. They are still beautiful at the end of the day in full sun too. Maryl, I got Half Moon Key my first year of buying daylilies, and it isn't going anywhere; good choice. Sherry, I have around 350 different ones...enough for me to keep up with. I am hoping to get down to about 300, but will be lucky to get down at all knowing me.


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How lucky you are to have Arctic Lace reblooming for you! Your Paul Owens seedling is a beauty, and I really like Hard Times. I love your story about the daylily blooming without being planted, since the same thing has happened to me. Amazing plants, our daylilies!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

beautiful, all of them.Looks like you have had a lot of blooms this year and reblooms, too. I have a bunch that didn't bloom at all for some reason, and have only gotten 2 reblooming. sure not like last year, when I had as many rebloomers as I did with the first flowers.I have a late bloomer that has lots of buds that will be blooming soon.but,I have ooh so many that didn't bloom this year.I lost several over the winter, too .hopefully it will be a better year next spring. Kay,I have forgotten I guess, but,do the daylilies grow new fans in the spring OR in the fall? I know its a dumb question, but would like a answer anyway..


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Arctic Lace is very pretty, and I like the looks of Hard Times. You still have some very lovely daylilies blooming at the wind down of your bloom season.


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Arctic Lace did nothing this year. I trust it's still alive. Season is shorter here than last.

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Julia NY(6)

Salty Skipper is so pretty Kay. I've admired that one and it loves your garden. Golly Galore looks so perfect. Nice group.


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Gosh darn Salty Skipper is just fantastic...just noticed it on my list from last year of what I never was able to find.

Thanks for sharing!

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