Transplanting seedlings

eatingthewitchMay 4, 2011

Hi, i just recently started growing Hellebore a few years ago, but now a few of them have a lot of small 2 year old plants growing in a bunch together around them and i want to move the small ones to other places. When is the best time to move them and should i keep them in small bunches or separate and plant each one individually. and what kind of soil would be the best for them to grow in.

Thanks, Marko

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I would move them as soon as possible. It is easy to damage the roots so dig deep and away from the little plants and gently lift out. If they don'e easily seperate from each other I wash mine until they come apart. Mine seem to do equally well whether in good garden soil or our red clay. Also you may find that your plants are different colors, my hellebores were a pink a purple and a red and I now have some that are pure white and even a double.
Good Luck to you.

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Thank you very much. i will do as you suggest. there are quite a few in the bunch and i dont want to damage them. i will try to collect the seeds this year. thanks again

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