Helleborus argutifolius 'Silver Lace'

addictedtohostaMay 28, 2010


I live in zone 4, southern MN.

At a local nursery yesterday, I spotted Helleborus argutifolius 'Silver Lace' and I was drawn to it! I had never seen a plant like this before. At $20 a pot (a large pot), I thought I had better do some research on it before purchasing. I would love this in my shade/hosta garden. I can't remember if the tag stated a cold hardiness zone, but in researching it, most sites say it is only hardy down to zone 6. One site stated it was zone 4. Has anyone in zones 4/5 ever tried this beautiful hellebore in their gardens? Any ideas on if I might have a chance of overwintering this plant? Thanks!

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Not a chance of surviving inground in your zone, sorry. Argutifolius is quite a bit less cold tolerant than most other popular hellebores and IMO, zone 6 is even a bit of a stretch.

Somewhat tender compared to most species, H. argutifolius will tolerate freezing temperatures, but prolonged periods of cold can harm foliage. Long periods of extreme cold will also affect stems and roots. My plants endure occasional temperatures of 0-10 degrees F (-18 to -12 C) and survive, but frequently the growth remains stunted and flowering significantly reduced.
(from hellebores.org) 0-10F typically corresponds with hardiness zone 7.

While I'd not normally consider hellebores great container plants, argutifolius is better suited to this method than most, so if you want to grow this plant for longer than a single season, I'd seriously consider a suitably sized container that can be brought into a protected location over winter.

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Thanks for the info, gardengal. I'll have to check out the tag the next time I'm at the nurery, and ask about it. I don't know why they would sell this in Zone 4, and at $20 a pot, it's a little expensive to risk. It would be tempting to put in a pot though, if I could get it at half that price. It is a eye-catching plant!

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