Are they right for me

plays_in_the_dirt(SW Georgia/Z 8)June 1, 2005

I was playing around with the idea of getting some "Royal Helleborus Mix" plants I don't know anything about them though,I have a few questions:

1) Do the grow in all day shade?

2) Are they easy to grow with little to no problems?

Oh yeah I'm in Georgia zone 8


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With the possible exception of not being overly fond of heavy clay soils (pretty typical in Georgia) and excessive soil acidity, they should be very easy for you to grow. I find most hellebores perform and flower best with at least some sun during the day - they are shade tolerant, not necessarily shade lovers.

The Royal Heritage strain would not necessarily be my first choice - I find the plants from this breeding program less vigorous than other x hybridus seed strains and with less distinctive coloring.

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