I have a tomato plant named 'italian heirloom' but I can't

ryanx115(z9 CA)April 24, 2006

find any information on it. There seems to be several varieties of italian heirloom tomatoes, but none that are actually called "italian heirloom". Was it mislabeled or is it not very popular? Has anyone ever grown this before? It was described as an extremely prolific plant with red tomatoes.

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There is a tomato listed by this name, in the 2006 Seed Savers Exchange yearbook. The descriptions by the two folk who list it are as follows:

80 days (to ripe fruit), plants were loaded with medium to large fruits, full abundant flavor, did very well in western Montana garden, good canning tomato, from IA SSE HF

80 days plants bear an abundance of huge fruit, fantastic flavor

Where did you get your seed? This could be it, though it's also possible that it's another tomato. My bet is that you have the same one described in the SSE Yearbook.

Tahlequah, OK

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gogarden(z5 IA)

I got heirloom seeds labels 'Italian'. I've been wondering about them too... I sampled the tomato last year and loved it, then was given the seeds. Like you I see the other Italian varieties and not plain Italian. I would like to know more.

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This tomato can be ordered through Burpee --- it is known as thei "Big Mama" --- I also save this seed from year to year as we have grown them for generations known as the "Italian tomato" ---- they are GREAT for canning --- virtually no seeds!!!

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