After 2 years, I think I know what this is - a hellebore! (pics)

spaghetina(SF Bay Area)June 1, 2010

I've been trying to figure out what this plant in my yard is for the last couple years. After asking in the cottage garden forum today, someone suggested that maybe it was a hellebore, and once I looked at some photos, I was inclined to believe that was spot on.

I'm not sure which species it is though, so if anyone has any guesses, I'd love to know more. I managed to get 9 seeds from the flowers this past week, and have them planted in a starter flat right now, with great hopes of them germinating. They were a dark, graphite-y, greyish black in the dried seed pods, so I'm hoping they were mature enough to be plucked and planted.

Here are the photos, and I'm open to any and all guesses at what this beautiful thing is:

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It IS a hellebore and more precisely, Helleborus x hybridus or what is more commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as an oriental hybrid. So not a species but a hybrid of very complex parentage. These tend to be the most commonly sold and planted types and come in the largest range of flower colors. The vast majority are seed strains that will reproduce based on certain attributes or select flower colors but there are named forms that are propagated by tissue culture as well.

These are very versatile and hardy plants and require minimal care once established. The attached link to an excellent website created by a GW member will give you some valuable tips on expanding your collection with seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: propagating hellebores

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awesome! Perfect timing.... i just snatched up 3 of these at Lowe's for $1 each, knew what they were but have never had them so will be going to check out the link! :)

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