Ronde de Nice squash seeds?

harleyhappyApril 5, 2013

Hello Gardeners,

I have just ordered a mixed packet of summer squash seeds from the cooks garden, in one packet will come seeds for five varieties of squash: Pic N Pic, Black Beauty, Peter Pan, Ronde de Nice, and Sunburst. My question is, will I be able to tell from the appearance of the seeds which varieties they will yield? I am most interested in Ronde de Nice and I am hoping that since it is an heirloom the seeds may look more distinctive, any clues?

Thank you very much! ~Harley

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As mentioned before , it is difficult to tell from the seeds. Ronde de Nice/ Tonda di Nizza is a ver large plant almost twice as large as Black Beauty. Pic N Pic will be your smallest plant.

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heritagejaney(8 in UK)


I'm not sure if I am allowed to send seeds to your country but I can happily do so if you would like some, I live in UK


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lelia(Northern Cal)

This may help at least rule out some of your squash seeds. From left to right are Rugosa Friulana, Zucchini-Gray, Early Prolific Straightneck and Ronde de Nice.

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