Daylilies blooming now (in my CA garden)

polymerous(9b)July 15, 2012

The number of blooms here in my garden (in the south San Francicso Bay Area) are rapidly diminishing, with many cultivars having bloomed out. These pictures were taken within the past few days:

ROCKET BOOSTER with Rosa 'Flower Carpet Coral'


WHITE WOLF with Rosa 'Flower Carpet Coral'

Also currently in bloom (but these pictures were taken earlier this season):

SEARS TOWER, which has 12 or so fans crammed into a 2-3 gallon pot

MADGE CAYSE at evening

and a tetraploid seedling whose tag got lost years ago, but which sometimes shows instant rebloom. (The flower in Real Life is much more of a blue lavender than this image shows, but the color is impossible to digitally capture and hard to adjust in PaintShop.)

Thank you for looking!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Very beautiful. I love Sears Tower and that picture of ROCKET BOOSTER is really lovely.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

gorgeous pictures. really like REASON FOR TREASON. and WHITE WOLF. also love that seedling, too, Very pretty.


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What can you tell us about White Wolf? How does it compare with other whites?

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I haven't seen that many near whites bloom here (deer, among other reasons) but this is my first season with WHITE WOLF, which I got as a club sale plant, and I have to say that I am pleased with the "white" color.

Color wise it looks near white from a distance, though up close you can detect a hint of color. (It is registered as a "cream white", though it is nowhere near as yellow as SACRAMENT OF HEALING shows in my garden.) The color pretty much looks like it does in the image above - which to me seems like a faint blush of pink. The bloom is large (6.5"), has good substance, and usually opens well. (When the nights are very cool here, it does seem to take longer to open.)

Unfortunately I am currently experiencing some rust issues with it (which may be due in part to a combination of hose and sprinkler spray; we are in an arid region and normally do not have trouble with rust - at least not in the summer). It is too early to tell if would be a bad ruster or only somewhat susceptible (and I intend to move the pot and water with a can now to help those problems). Since you are in zone 6, that may not be a concern to you.

For what it's worth, I have been making crosses on it this summer against other near whites (WONDER OF IT ALL, TRANQUIL HORIZON (which in my garden is near white), and SACRAMENT OF HEALING). I'd be crossing with almost every other near-white tet that I have (the taller ones, anyway), but either they are new plants which haven't bloomed yet, or else the deer got them (WHITE MOUNTAIN, sigh).

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

While all your daylilies in the pictures are favorite one is that last one..I'm looking for one that is like the lavender/lilac/purple color. That Reason for treason catches my eye too. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

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Really like Reason For Treason and Sears Tower. Avedon

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How pretty. My Reason For Treason blooms well before my rocket Booster. Both are very pretty as I love reds. White Wolf is a very pretty bloom as well.

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Pippi, I have mixed feelings about that last one (the seedling). (And thanks, Jean_Ar, for your compliment!) The flower is okay (the substance on the edges could be better) and the foliage is dormant and lovely, but it is very top-branched and that sometimes interferes with the flower opening. I love the color, though (and iirc it is fragrant), so for those reasons (and the sometimes instant rebloom) I have been hybridizing with it.

Avedon and Rita, I love SEARS TOWER too. I look forward to it every year. Nothing beats a tall, large, yellow flowered daylily for cheerfulness, and up close and personal the blooms are polychrome and fragrant too! What's not to like?

Organic Kitten, both REASON FOR TREASON and ROCKET BOOSTER are in pots which get a fair amount of shade. (ROCKET BOOSTER is actually a new plant for me, and spent last winter and early spring in a lot more shade than RFT.) Maybe that has something to do with our differing bloom periods?

Sorry if I missed responding to anyone - dinner calls and I have to go. Thanks for all of your comments!

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