H. orintale-hybrids: upward facing varieties?

linaria_gwJuly 1, 2010

Hello there,

I am just fiddeling with my planting scheme for next fall, rather moving, swapping, adding some stuff in my perennial boder.


I have heard of H. orientale-hybr types that are supposed to have flower heads that are facing upwards. I was slightly interested and checked catalogues of some German and Swiss nurserys, but they were not mentioned/listed anywhere. Now by chance I read about Helleborus ÂAshdown Hybrids on the gardening website of the BBC radio

(http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/ its really interesting)


Are there similar types with other names around? Has anyone grown them and how do you like their look? I am not too sure, imagined a snow drop, facing upwards...

Well, thanks a lot, cheers, Lin

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You may have better success searching under the correct botanical name......Helleborus x hybridus, not "oriental hybrids". Some breeders are working on developing more upright-facing selections but they are far and few between and as of yet, not very successful in their results. It is far more natural for these hybrids to produce nodding or downward facing flowers.

But there are other hellebore hybrids that do produce very upright flowers -- you might want to consider including a few of these in your garden planning. One that I favor - very prolific bloomer and with excellent foliage - is Helleborus 'Ivory Prince, arguably the finest hellebore hybrid on the market in recent years. But any ericsmithii, ballardiae or sternii hybrid will produce upright flowers as well. Or check the xhybridus plants offered by Northwest Garden Nursery - better than most but not quite there yet :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Northwest Garden Nursery hellebores

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Thanks a lot for the information. I definetely need to read up on those Hellebores. Great thing about gardening you never stop learning new stuff.
Thanks, cheers, Lin

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