What do the seedlings look like?

Wiveka_Ritzl(Sweden)July 22, 2004


Last summer I planted fresh Helleborus seeds. Now the pot is full of something that looks like blades of grass but there is also one seedling that has two leafs that looks like a helleborus. I have a faint memory that there was one blade of grass last autumn, is it so that hellebourses germinates with blades that looks like grass and then get the adult shape the second year? Or is my pot full of weeds?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I think you have some weeds in your pot, but certainly hang on to it if you have one that has germinated that may be a real seedling...Here's a photo from our gallery page -

Here is a link that might be useful: seedlings

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woadwoman(z7 Oregon)

Hello there in Sweden!

I hope you have a nice little seedling coming up there. MorZ8 put up a good photo of the relatively large, oval seed leaves from x hybridus (orientalis). If that's what you have growing, the first true leaf that emerges after these seed leaves will look a bit like a three-leaf clover.

It's probably a good idea to gently pull out the grass growing in your pot, as grasses are very competitive and will take up space, water, light and nutrients that your emerging seedlings will need. I hope you get lots more germination.


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I potted up some fresh hellebore seeds and I, too, have small blades of grass-looking seedlings.

I'm waiting to see what they look like later on; I'm not going to pull them up yet.


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Stefan_Sweden(Sweden -20c)

I agree with "woadwoman" and just want to add that usually Helleborus seedlings are quite stiff and glossy....


Here is a link that might be useful: www.sandersson.com

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