PBS Victory Garden

mistercross(z6b Ozarks)May 16, 2005

An upcoming Victory Garden episode is supposed to cover:

restored garden,

saving seeds and planting,

heirloom varieties,


That's all of the information I have. It is listed here as airing Saturday May 28, but it is sure to vary on different PBS stations so check your local TV listings.

The Victory Garden home page gives no episode listings that I notice.

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Talk about memories. Does anyone here remember the original Victory Garden shows with Jim Crockett? I have 2 of his books, as well as 2 of the later cookbooks featuring Marion Morash, the wife of The Victory Garden producer, who used to own/run her own seafood restaurant.

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Yes, of course I remember Jim Crockett. What a legend! and a Mr. Bob Thompson that followed him.
Hoever, the next in line of hosts of Victory Garden have not appealed to me at all, and left much to be desired. The personalities of the current show are not my cup of tea.

However, please read on in the link I've supplied:

UMass' Dr. Thomas Boyle has developed a new cultivar of Boltonia asteroides named for Jim Crockett.
It's being distributed this spring. My clone of "Jim Crockett" has proved to be hardy and is bushing out in the garden now.

My copy of Marian Morash's Victory Garden Cookbook is a well-worn copy. A good basic reference for all garden produce :-) Must be out-of-print by now.

Cheers all
Maryanne in WMass

Here is a link that might be useful: Article with Boltonia

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

Yes ...yes...yes...to all of the above...It was my favorite show and I couldn't wait for Saturday to roll around to watch ...I felt like I had lost a member of the family when he passed on...

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Does anyone know why Roger Swain isn't on the show anymore. I really miss his segments. I think that the show has too much fluff now.

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Jim Crockett was absolutely wonderful on that show. He also edited the Time-Life series of gardening books in the 1970s and that's how I learned how to garden (and by gardening, of course!) He was a great man and I'm so glad he is not forgotten. The Massachusetts Horticultural Society is installing a new garden named after him at their headquarters at Elm Bank.

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I kind of tuned the show out when Roger Swain was hosting it. Just couldn't warm up to him (although I did recently pick up a book of his at a 2nd hand sale). Did enjoy - was it Bob Thompson? - but haven't caught the show in awhile.

Do enjoy my Jim Crockett & Marian Morash books though.

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silybum(Sunset 16/z8b)

I agree, its not the same show anymore........but I still tevo it, and fast forward through most of it...........but will look forward to this episode you mentioned. Thanks for the headsp-up.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

What I really loved about the show was that it really was a show for "letmegetmyhandsdirty" gardeners and also gardeners who didn't have 6 hired men to help them dig and manage their property..so many of the shows now a days are directed at people who have way too much extra money laying around to spend at the nursery and while certainly inspiring, most of them seem to be like in someones dream world.

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JerseyJohn61(z6b NJ)

"Crockett's Victory Garden" it was originally titled and I had neigbors who started their own raised bed garden way back in the mid-70's who never missed an episode. Darn I love those memories; Thanks.

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I SO agree. I have & LOVE the Time-Life gardening series, & don't watch gardening shows anymore because so much of what they show seems to require a ton of $$$ & a ton of hired help.

I also really liked the show Elliot Coleman & wife Barbara Damrosch used to have on "The Learning Channel" several years back. Terrific organic gardening & homesteading tips, & it was all stuff you could do yourself with minimal help.

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angelstiger(z5 NH)

I used to also be an avide fan of "The Victory Garden", back in the Swain/Crockett days. I don't watch it much anymore. It seems to be florally oriented. Where are all the vegetable gardening shows? That "Gardening by the Yard" guy is an idiot. The only show I can think of that is vegetable oriented is "Fresh from the Garden" with P. Allen Smith, but he is way to liberal with chemicals. Isn't it odd that a network called HGTV doesn't have a good vegetable garden program. Someone from this forum needs to do one. LOL

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I had forgotten about this, but when the Frelinghuysen Arboretum had a Harvest Festival in September yearly, they conducted a seminar with guests: Elliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch who showed slides of his 4 season gardening techniques. It was so enlightening, do you remember their show. I used to tape all of these shows and some of Victory Garden way back when Jim Crockett, Bob Thomson as well as Roger Swain were hosts/authors. I, too, was a weekly regular and followed most of Jim's advice and still read his book and also the one on flowers. Also, I have Marian Morash's book, which, BTW, was reading a few minutes ago. I do miss them terribly. Does anyone know why Roger Swain left as I never did know? So many good memories of these wonderful shows!


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Yes - I do wish now that I had taped those shows way back when - especially the Coleman/Damrosch ones from "The Learning Channel". They were so basic & "non-froufrou". One would think with all the gardening channels on satellite these days (HGTV, DIY, etc.) that someone would pick them up again.

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chickadee_42us(8a Tx)

Geesh - have you all brought back a pack of memories. I miss Roger Swain and caught a few of the Coleman/Damrosch shows.
PBS could pick them up again and we could all revisit. I do not get any enjoyment off the HGTV garden line up anymore. Too much 'help', in other words, for the rich!!!

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eyolf(Z3: Mn)

I'm not much of a fan anymore, remember the slow decline of the show even during Swain's tenure.

I don't know this for a fact, but elsewhere I think I read that when Morash, the producer, retired, the set (his estate) went with him. For a while, they used taped "bits" of Roger Swain introducing garden hosts touring famous gardens around the world, but Swain had been losing interest in the focus of the show even before Morash's retirement and chose not to continue.

My opinion is that the demographic of serious home kitchen gardeners/vegetable growers is too small to gather much interest. Many of us have too many other interests, and a vegetable garden takes enough time and energy that sometimes gardeners give up on it. For WGBH in Boston (and other public stations) it's about gathering patrons, for HGTV it's about selling their product. Gardening shows that give people a few ideas for quick results are more popular.

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Just for the record, I visited Russ and Marian Morash's place here in MA with a garden group. It was a good-sized suburban lot and definitely not an estate.

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eyolf(Z3: Mn)

I apologize if "estate" is an error. Perhaps I should have used "home" instead.

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plantseditor(Zone 5 ME)

For any of you who miss Roger Swain, the old VG, and the hands-in-the-soil presentation, Roger has been doing a show for the past two years called People, Places & Plants. It will begin airing on HGTV on July 2 at 10:30 every Saturday. I hope you watch and let us know what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: People, Places & Plants

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Now if someone could just get Eliott Coleman &/or wife Barbara Damrosch back on the air. . . .

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plantseditor(Zone 5 ME)

Eliot Coleman and Barbara will be guests on the PPP show a few times, FYI

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Thanks - now I'll definitely have to try & tune in!!

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TomatoLover(Zone 5 IN)

I loved Jim Crockett and watched his Victory Garden show faithfully. I still miss him even after 25+ years. I recently took up hammered dulcimer and hunted down his theme song so that I could learn to play it and hear it again. My husband built a greenhouse for us this past year, so all Crockett's greenhouse plantings and tips would really be welcome now. I have his books, but it's just not the same. I would much rather see a show emphasizing vegetable growing than flowers. Here in the midwest, people are still more into vegetables than flowers....at least in Indiana where I live. Lately I have been watching Rebecca's Garden on HGTV in the early mornings over breakfast, but hers is one of the "quick and easy tips" kind of show, focusing mostly on flowers.

I sure wish PBS would offer the old Crockett shows on DVD.


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Well, just watched the "People, Places, & Plants" show on HGTV. Boy, Roger sure has changed. Heavier, a bigger fluffier bright silver beard - but still with that somewhat breathless, halting way of speaking. A couple of times I thought he was going to keel over - lol!! That said, he didn't really seem to have much to do on the show - maybe 10 minutes or so.

The show was okay, but just seemed so much like so many other shows around now. I truly miss the old Victory Garden - just down-to-earth veggie & flower gardening advice coupled with a few veggie recipes. None of these huge landscaping makeovers involving boulder moving, fancy vineyards, etc., etc. There's way too much of that on HGTV & DIY these days - totally boring.

Bring back some shows that just involve basic folks with nice healthy basic gardens that anyone could duplicate & I think I'd be a much more consistent viewer. Right now I think the only thing I consistently watch are the Paul James shows.

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ben_950(5b West MI)

I taped Victory Garden once again this Saturday... and sure enough, not a lick about vegetables or cooking. I fast forwarded through the entire thing. I grew up watching VG with my parents during the Roger Swain era, and was devoted fan. Now, since the "sell out," it has become just another watered down lifestyle show with the emphasis on personalities and not content. I don't know why I keep setting the tape.

I hope Russ Morash is more careful about who takes over when he retires from This Old House and The New Yankee Work Shop. I'd hate to see those classics ruined in the same fashion.

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In my opinion, "This Old House" was finished once Bob Vila left. The new young guy they hired gave the word "Yuppee" a new definition. What a prima donna - heaven help he get his little lily-white hands dirty. Even poor old Norm seemed to dislike him.

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ben_950(5b West MI)

Not to get too off topic, but, Bob Vila was always too serious, and dare I say a little arrogant, for my taste. The host is supposed to play dumb so the audience can learn something. Besides, they're only on th job site a handful of days out of the month. So, it's not like they're really doing the work anyway.

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The real worker behind the Victory Garden has been Kip Anderson who grows and tends the garden. Only recently has he appeared quickly on a few shows. He is the expert but I suspect he does not enjoy appearing on camera. Note to "plantseditor"...do you tap Anderson's wealth of knowlege in your magazine? I bet he could write the type of down-to-earth column everyone is looking for.

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I've always liked Roger Swain, breathless and all. He's always been a real 'get your hands dirty, functional' gardener. The problem with all the comm. TV gardening stations is that the shows cater to rich people who spend way too much money (and usually not too much of their own time)on the often unnecessary products that their sponsors sell. I've alwys preferred the more 'Mother Earth News' mentality/approach to gardening. Not that the other stuff doesn't have its place, but you would really need to leave it to something like PBS to make a more intelligent, less superficial gardening show.

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ffaguy(z8 NC)

I was not a viewer of the original series and did not start until Bob Thompson was the host. (I was twelve at the time). I too agree that the show has gone down hill. I really enjoyed the practical, get your hands dirty style that Mr. Thompson had. (By the way, Mr. Thompson passed away in October.) Marion could always dish up something that atleast looked tasty and didn't need some model to eat it and tell her it was good. For all those that would like to "re-live" the glory days, purchase the "Victory Garden Video" hosted by Bob Thompson and Jim Wilson. You can get it at Amazon.com for $12.95. As an agriculture teacher, I show it to all my horticulture classes as the "primer for vegetable gardening".

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chubby_2(z8 La.)

I wish they would do a Victory Garden Classics, and go back to Crockett's Victory Garden like they do with This old House.
Maybe if we request it ,maybe they would put it together.

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It's certainly worth a try but when I contacted PBS about showing the original Masterpiece Theatre version of The Forsyte Saga, instead of the recent crummy remake, they informed me that the older shows did not have "production values" up to present standards. So then why do we see great old movies from the 30s and 40s? I too would love to see Jim Crockett again. And Thalassa Cruso, the Julia Child of gardening.

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The DIY Network has a vegetable gardening show called Fresh From the Garden. I don't know how new it is, as we just got that cable channel. I watched last week's episode and it seemed pretty good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fresh From the Garden

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"What I really loved about the show was that it really was a show for "letmegetmyhandsdirty" gardeners and also gardeners who didn't have 6 hired men to help them dig and manage their property..so many of the shows now a days are directed at people who have way too much extra money laying around to spend at the nursery and while certainly inspiring, most of them seem to be like in someones dream world."

That's what happens when the nurseries and chemical companies start underwriting the shows - they become more about glorified commercials for their products/services. I also thought, even with Morash, that cooking segments in gardening shows were a waste of time since many PBS shows run 2-3 cooking shows after or before Victory Garden airs anyway.

Frankly I'm surprised the current host of VG would allow his hands to get dirty. He and P Allen Smith remind me of manifestations of the old Phil Hartman SNL character - the Anal-Retentive Chef (just change it to gardener). NTTATWWT.

Rob J of Johnny's told me Elliot burned out on the routine of doing a show. Too bad it was one of the better ones. I like his production techniques.

Though it was "commercially based" (for Troybilt/Gardenway) I enjoyed a host back in the 70-80's named Dick Raymond. I think it was called "Dick Raymond's Gardening Way". I found it to be more direct and useful information. Info in his books taught me more practical info than my years studying horticulture.

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The current season of VG shows in my area (since Jan 2006) seem like cloned hybrids of Martha Stewart & Robin Leach (= Gardening styles of the rich & famous).
I get more realistic food gardening hints indirectly from the American Frontier House of 1880s & the WWII in Britain (early 1940s) historical recreations with modern people...K

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There is interest in this topic on another forum so I am bumping this up. This has been an interesting thread.

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feldon30(N Houston (8))

I really like Fresh From the Garden. It's 100% about how to get success in vegetable gardening. He generally uses organic solutions i.e. lots of compost and insecticidal soap. He's had some shows on inexpensive gardening like using broken concrete to make a garden bed, how to make leaf mold, etc.

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What ever happened to Dick Raymond? did he just retire? I have his books and enjoyed the shows, too. I even bought a TroyBuilt Tiller because of him!!

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Hi I think Dick Raymond passed away. He is the reason my husband got a TroyBilt tiller. Really enjoyed his gardening show and loved his gardening book "The joy of Gardening. Just went to amazon.com and his book is still marketable. Dale

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Thanks. I had searched all over the net for current info about him--even an obituary, if that was the case, but could find nothing. I had even heard a rumor about some well known gardening personality having gotten into a heap of legal trouble (way back in the late 1980's or early 1990's) and wondered if it was him--which would explain why he suddenly dropped from sight. I really liked him and hoped it wasn't him that was in trouble!! The Joy of Gardening, along with my copy of Carla Emery's Old Fashioned Recipe Book, are two books I have literally worn the covers off. They will always be valuable to me!!

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Victory Garden has come up on another forum and I thought I'd bump this up because there were so many interesting posts here. Wish we had a garden show like this on TV now.

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

Anyone know weather they ever came out with videos or dvd's of the original victory garden? The one with Jim Crockett in it. I didnt really care for the later hosts.


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tomakers(SE MA Zone 5/6 or ?)

Crockett was THE BEST. None of the other hosts even came close. It's too bad they won't air the shows again or offer it on dvd. The shows are old but the advice is timeless.

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

I agree that he was the best, I remeber as a kid I couldnt wait to watch it. I just wish they would put it out on DVD. Or if some one had ever taped it I would pay for a full copy of the series with him in it. We need a back to basics type victory garden show without all the trips to places most of couldnt afford.

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not a growing season goes by that i don't consult my old crockett books about something. jim was a gentle soul.

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I took a look on Amazon and there is no DVD or video of Jim Crockett's Victory Garden, sad to say.

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joytwo1839(z6 TN)

VG was my favorite show and the place I learned a lot about gardening, there and my Dad. I remember Roger and Marion but can't place Jim Crockett. I also really enjoyed a segment with a lady from Callaway gardens in Georgia. I guess since it was closer to where I live.
Some of the other show I have liked were Gardeners Diary and Gardeners Journal. They really don't have any good ones on TV anymore, they should just take "Garden" out of HGTV. Does anyone really like or should I say learn anything from Curb Appeal or Landscape Challenge where the owners allot $50,000.00 to fix their yard? I'm lucky to have $50.00 to spend at Home Depot.

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Jim Crockett started the Victory Garden and was the relaxed and experienced host for years until he died of cancer, too young. He wrote a number of books too. My favorites were the ones in the 1970s Time-Life gardening series. You can buy those cheaply at garage sales etc. I still use mine for the very helpful info and his nice, warm friendly garden voice.

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I used to watch VG every week. It used to be a great show. Too bad it changed. Roger was the last of the original style hosts, with vegetable gardening as a focus, and was also the first to change it to a 'lets see how we can impress the viewers by traveling the world searching the big botanical gardens" instead of giving timely advice on raising a family veggie plot.

In my opinion, Marion was a waste of time. I don't know about her cookbooks, but the food she prepared on the show looked pretty tasteless and bland. If that weren't bad enough, she had to go to Europe to show us how chefs over there cooked. What in the world did that have to do with cooking what you grew?

Once Mike started hosting the show, it just lost all appeal to me. It no longer has anything to do with growing your own. I am just too busy to tune in at 11:30 to watch something that I get no use from. I would rather watch the lunatic Anthony John's Manic Organic.

Unfortunately, as was previously written, it is all about money when it comes to TV shows. Yes, it would be great to have a show or two with the old flair that we like, but I don't see that happening...at least not for a while. Maybe with the gas prices and cost of living going through the roof, we may see more programs like the original Victory Garden. We can only hope.

Good growing,

Dan Harriman
Orange, Texas
USDA Hardiness zone 9

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My wife remembers an early Victory Garden show where they showed a homemade compost grinder. We have been looking for more information about this grinder, but can't find anything. Can anyone give us a lead? We are looking for plans or instructions to help us construct our own compost grinder.

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Unfortunately, I missed all of the VG's with Mr. Crockett as host because I didn't have cable and worked on Saturdays anyway. I did enjoy several used (I was a full-time student at the time) volumes, the 2 on vegetables and herbs, of the Time-Life series he edited. I also missed most of the next host, Bob, but then found a PBS station that I could kind-of see without cable (fuzzy, but could hear it) when Roger Swain hosted. I found it useful until they started going global, although I enjoyed some of the gardens. I have cable now, but I'm a plain dirt organic, mostly herb and veggie gardener, so I'm not interested in PA Smith's arrangements or HGTV's landscape make-overs (wish they'd use the same philosophy they use on some of their decorating on a budget shows). Now I'm usually too busy on Sat. to watch tv, but a recent shoulder injury grounded me from the garden, so I tuned into the VG, but tuned out when the herb garden chef they visited made a recipe he said used lemon balm, but he showed a large pot of lemon verbena instead! And I couldn't understand what the host was saying most of the time... If they brought out a classic "Best of VG" series with Jim, Jim (Wilson), and Bob, I'd give up a Sat. activity to watch.

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Great thread.

I found a couple of old Bob Thomson and Jim Wilson vhs VG tapes at my library and the 5 DVD series of PPP.


Wish I had the original VG series though. Was wondering if there has been any interest with PBS coming out with the VG oldies on dvd? Anyone contact them recently? If you post their email address here we can write them.

PBS keeps rerunning all those ancient Brit com's ad nauseam in my local. You have to wonder why they don't try reruns for us gardeners?

PBS seems so money hungry nowadays, you would think they would press out some dvd's to sell to the old VG fans.

What the hell is wrong with you PBS???? Your letting money get away...

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This is a rather amazing if not unique thread spanning 3 or more years. I've heard others who tried to contact PBS and were told "Crockett's Victory Garden" was below them.Perhaps the big supermarket chains have a lot to do with NOT releasing the old show? Afterall either Shaws or Stopping shop have sponsored PBS before.

We must band together. Not long ago some 5 lbs bags of potatoes were $5!!! Never before have a victory garden been needed.

PBS stands for Public Broadcast not corporate welfare. Crockett's Victory Garden is OURS! We must fight for it!

I just purchased the domain "http://www.crockettsvictorygarden.com". I'm going to link it to my new youtube channel "thevictorygarden". So far I have nothing. I'm going to start making videos. If anyone knows where I can get some photos of Jim other than from his books that would be helpful. I'm not doing this for $$$. I'm doing it because I love gardening.

A few years ago I went on Youtube looking for Clancy Brother videos. There were none. People started posting their songs with still photos. Next thing you know interest grew tremendously. I'm going to try and do the same thing for Crockett's Victory Garden. If we can increase interest, WGBH might be forced to release the videos.

Please note link below might not work right away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crockett's Victory Garden

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Dick O Raymond still has a phone in his name in North Ferrisburg VT (2 Apr 2009)

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terryincs(z5 IL)

This thread needed a bump. I really miss the old VG shows as well. There are a lot of baby boomers who watched those shows who now have more time and inclination to garden...maybe it's time to bring them back. PBS, are you listening? I hate the "new" HGTV. WAY too much of the same shows, way too much househunting in a time where no one is buying. We want more gardening in Home and Garden TV!

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I have to add my little voice to the "I miss the old Victory Garden" song. It's been some time since it's been worth watching. Jamie Durie is so annoying I want to bash him with a shovel. I think it's been a couple of years since they even made a new show - they just recycle the same boring old things over and over. I didn't like the previous host much either - too fat & effeminate (he couldn't possibly have spent THAT much time gardening!). I don't know the name of the next previous host, but his were the last of the worth-watching Victory Garden shows, in my opinion. With his overalls and hillbilly beard, he looked like you couldn't get him OUT of the garden.

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As a teenager in the 70's, I watched the Victory Garden religiously, even catching the rerun on Sunday Afternoon. Jim Crockett was a true teacher and mentor, and the show appealed to the average income weekend gardener. The show has followed the same destructive path as This Old House by showcasing 5 and 6 figure projects that are out of reach for a majority of viewers. I would still watch archived shows of Mr. Crockett, rather than the Yuppie floral orgy that now airs.

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misskimmie(z4b Central NY)

I also loved the old Victory Garden shows with Jim Crocket. Last lear I realized that I lost the companion book that went with the series. I think I lent it to someone that was a newbe gardener. I don't care for the newer gardening shows I've seen. Ditto, this Old House.

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog- Little Homestead in the Village

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In the late 70's early 80's, there was a guest host on Victory Garden showcasing the gardens of England. I remember gorgeous perennial beds with lavenders. She was an elderly lady, quite elegant and well educated. She had short dark brownish hair with a touch of gray. Would really like to know who she is.

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We moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut in 1965. We raised five robust children, and fed them from the garden made possible by Jim Crocket and the Victory Garden. When he passed, I felt as though I had lost a close friend. Jim may be gone but he is not forgotten. Our love of gardening is attributable to Mr. Jim and we speak of him often. Thank you Mr Crocket and thank you PBS. I notice a thread that suggested you produce the Crocket Victory Garden as a fund raiser. Excellent idea and put me down for one of the first copies.

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Most of my garden friends do not watch victory garden any more. Neather do I!!! The name should be changed as it does not deplict a tru viewing of the program any more. It should be renamed holliowood hi life os some other ritzey name. The true victory garden is defunck.

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Audrey Hepburn is my bet, Brenda. She did a series on garden history and exactly fits your description. You may be able to get those episodes from the library.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Brenda, do you think it might have been Penelope Hobhouse or Rosemary Verey?

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Add my wish to the rest above for a DVD or Blu-ray release of the old Crockett episodes of The Victory Garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: Senior Gardening

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