2-4 yr. old lenten rose seedlings...a friend is gifting to me

cadillactasteJuly 8, 2014

I am beyond thrilled...I just recently stumbled upon lenten rose. I must say all colors are amazing...I mentioned on Facebook that it was going to be a must in my yard. And...she popped on asking if I would like some seedlings. 2-4 year olds. I jumped at the freebies! And am thrilled to get them later this fall.

She said she has 50-100 she can send me. If I don't take them...they would just be tossed out. Pinching myself...pretty excited...just had to share my good fortune!

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As a general rule, hellebore seedlings tend to resemble their mothers (lol), so depending on how many different plants she has, you may have a whole lot that look about the same.

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I'm fine with that actually...it's for around the memorial area for the family dog. I actually prefer large clusters of one kind in large groupings. So that will work for me. Thanks for explaining that. It was something I was willing to deal with if they were a variety...they are lovely so I figure I could just deal with a mixture of color. So...you made my night saying what you did.

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