thyme, oregano

ChicagoDeli37January 28, 2013

Last year I never took up my oregano or thyme. Dead of winter it looks like its still fairly fresh. Actually smells good sstill. Will these two start to grow when summer hits or should I tear them up.....

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These are both hardy perennials for me and come back every year.

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Comes back every year for me too in Western NY State. Thyme is only dead when it looks dead. Oregano dies to the ground for me each winter and sprouts up in the spring. You must have more mild temperatures than I do for yours to still be green.

As a rule of thumb, be patient. Always leave perennials until the spring (at the very least!) to see what comes back for you. Some perennials come up late so learn those and mark them well.


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Looks like Chicago has a Ice storm coming its way so migh want to provide some protection?

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You can cover if you wish but from personal experience (we get some real wicked ice storms here), low growing green plants like these come through pretty much unscathed. It is trees and larger woody plants that take the worst beating from such storms.


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