Few questions on several herbs.

PunkRotten(9b)January 31, 2012


I have some questions on growing some herbs. I have a Lemon Balm plant in a 12 inch square pot. Recently I clipped off a bunch of leaves that looked burned at the tips. I decided to give the plant a pretty good prune. Now it is a low mound.

But the mound is really dense. I can't even move leaves out of the way to see the soil. Should I take the plant out and divide it?

Next questions -

I am interested in growing Oregano, Chamomile, Marjoram, and parsley. But I don't have room in the ground. But I do have a small Goji Berry Tree in a 12 gallon tote. Could I grow one of these herbs inside the tote/pot with the Goji Berry? The important thing is the herb not compromise the health of the Goji berry tree. Also the herb needs to tolerate same watering and soil conditions. I have the soil a mix of potting soil, compost, and a very tiny amount of clay dirt.

Does Anise Hyssop grow fast from seed? Could I use some during its first year? What would be a good soil and pot size for it?


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Lemon balm makes dense plants. In my opinion, they look best that way. I'd leave it be.

Herbs do best if planted one type per pot. Yes, we've all seen the beautiful mixed herb planters. But they do grow best if not shaded or crowded by other plants. And they all have their own sun, water, and soil requirements. With keeping them separate, you can address those specific needs.

I would keep the goji berry tree on its own so you can attend to its needs as you need to.

I haven't tried growing hyssop from seed. They are short-lived perennials so while I wouldn't expect any/much usable plant material from it this year, I would expect it to reach full-size quicker than many other perennials. Maybe full-sized by the end of its second year? I would suggest starting your seeds for use next year. Buy an older plant for use this year.


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