Terry_NY(6)September 10, 2004

This is my first fall with my ET seedlings in the garden bed (or at least the first batch of seeds from 2003). They are putting out some new growth. Do you compost them at all or fertilize at this time of year to encourage additional growth or wait till the spring? I don't think mine will flower this spring, but it would be a nice surprise.

As always your feedback is appreciated.

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Greenmanplants(UDSA Zone 8)

I'm inclined to say you're a bit late to feed this year in Zone 6.

Best to feed through spring and summer with dilute half strength liquid fertiliser. Feeding this late can promote soft growth which just before fall is not the best idea. By mid to late summer I lay off and let the plant firm up for the winter.

Cheers Greenmanplants

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