End of Season Blooms

maximus7116(MI)July 26, 2012

I've never ended the season so early before. There are just a few daylilies left with blooms.


Garden phlox are going strong now:

A better bloom from AS THE WORLD TURNS, which is loaded with buds:

YAZOO ELSIE HINTSON had a nice bouquet today. Even though the flowers are large, they opened beautifully.

And the late-blooming ROYAL JESTER, blooming way down in the foliage this year:


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

may be last blooms, but they are all just beautiful blooms.Cant pick just one for a favorite as they are all favorites to me. gorgeous blooms and the PHLOX is very pretty, too.I have never had any of those but they sure are pretty.


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A nice finale! Has Finish with a Flourish been fairly vigorous for you?

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Those phlox are gorgeous! Daylilies still look great but I know what you mean about the daylily season just flying by this year. AS THE WORLD TURNS is my favorite and a true beauty.

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Beautiful photos, Chris. They are lovely. Finish with a Flourish and As The World Turns look really good, but my favorite is Royal Jester. the yellow bouquwet is beautiful too.

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Julia NY(6)

Nice end of season blooms. My phlox died during the heat we had. Yours look wonderful.
YAZOO ELSIE HINTSON is a lovely color and I love big blooms that open well.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Chris, my favorite is Finish With A Flourish.. Such a pretty pink with a pencil gold edge and the eye/halo really draws attention. Sorry she's going...Ellie

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I love your Yazoo Elsie Hinton. Our garden phlox had to be removed before it swallowed up everything in its path, so I will just enjoy looking at yours. Avedon

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Thank you all.

Mantis, Finish with a Flourish is one I tried to give away many times, but had no takers. This year it really took off and was among the highest bud counts with nearly perfect blooms every time.

Avedon, I've had the same problem with my phlox and just dig up tons of it every year, but when the daylilies are winding down, at least I have some color left from the phlox. Franz Schubert phlox is the worst culprit and seeds itself all over the place. Many of the other varieties are more contained. I think I have about eight different varieties.

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shive(6b TN)

My favorite is Yazoo Elsie Hintson. The flowers look enormous and bright! I love the tall summer phlox. Most of them stop blooming in August, but Bright Eyes continues through October here. I used to have several named phlox cultivars and self-seeded varieties, but they all died out in the last prolonged drought. Now I only have David and Bright Eyes. Eventually I'd like to replace Frans Schubert, Starfire and Laura.


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Debra, Laura and Bright Eyes are nice phlox, along with Miss Mary, Nicki and Eva Cullum. I love the bright white of David until it starts winding down. I'll have to look up Starfire.

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