Pink Frost

pattio2(z4b - ON)September 19, 2013

Ive never planted one befor but just bought myself a Pink Frost and planted it my rather shady flower bed. I chose it because it was shade tolerant. After I got home I read the lable more closely and it said they flower from January to March. The spot where I planted it gets about 2 - 3 foot snow banks every year usually until midMarch.
Should I plant it somewhere else that doesn't get as much snow?
If not, how would I protect it so it will flower?
Does it flower in summer as well?

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No - sorry, but hellebores are winter bloomers. In my area, they can start as early as November and continue on (depending on type) until late March.

I am a little concerned about the hardiness of this plant for you. This type of hybrid is generally listed to only USDA zone 5. I know CA zones are a bit different but you should be aware this plant may be marginal for you.

Shade tolerant is one thing but this plant does not require shade - in fact, it blooms better and is less lanky if grown in a fair amount of sun. I might try growing this in a container placed where you could enjoy it when in bloom (front porch?)......this can also allow you to move the plant into protection when really cold weather is expected.

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