New to Hellebores some questions please help.

paulan70(5)September 27, 2006

Ok I love how these plants look. So I got some seeds from ebay. So now I just some basic and not so basic info on how to plant and care for these. Like I know they like the sun . I am in zone 5 Indiana if that helps any. Now when do I put the seeds in the ground. I am taking a big chance here since seeds do not usually do well for me. Now if I plant things in the garden they tend to do pretty good I just have a hard time of starting the seeds off from the start.

And when can I expect to see flowers from the seeds planted?

And what are the3 growing conditions that these like to grow in. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the help.


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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

These aren't the easiest things to grow from seed, and a lot depends on the condition of the seed. Basic requirements seem to be Moist warm for about 2-3 months then moist cold for 2-3 months, then cool warmth to sprout. Your best bet now is soak overnight in warm water, plant shallowly (1/4" or so) in well draining mix, water well, and place outside in a shaded corner where they will get moisture but mot flooded. You may get seedlings in spring, but if the seeds are very dry, they may take another year to break out of this dormancy.

Try this site:

Here is a link that might be useful: Hellebore site

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claysoil(z6 PA)

I'm wondering where you got seeds at this time of year? Most people swear by using only fresh seed, but many experienced hellebore growers say it is a matter of correct treatment and patience. As geoforce said, what triggers germintion of these seeds is a warm moist period followed by cold moist, which imitates the seeds maturing in summer and falling to ground to sprout the following spring. If the seed are dried out or were not properly stored before you got them, they may need two cycles before they germinate. The easiest thing is to pot them up and stick them outside and let mother nature take its course (making sure that the pot does not dry out or stay soggy). OR, you could keep them inside in a warm environment (in a plastic baggie with moist medium is convenient) for 8 weeks, then pop them into the fridge crisper for 8 weeks and see if they start to germinate. If not, start the cycle over again.

If you are gung ho to try from seed, why not start visiting Elizabeth Town Hellebores in January and buy some of their fresh seed? Pine Knot Farm also offers seed in June. The very few times that I cruised through ebay looking at their seed I didn't see anything cheaper or more interesting, and ET and PK offer fresh seed only. Lots of people here have had good luck with these sources.

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