why didn't ANY of my seedlings grow?

tomatoesaretops(5A)May 1, 2007

I planted 36 heirloom seeds - 9 of 4 different kinds of tomatoes (brandywine, wolford's wonder, white queen & paul robeson) - 24 went into small containers with organic soil. 12 went in special peat containers. I put three seeds in each of the 36 containers.

not a single one produced so much as a sprout. not one. I put them in a shady place for 2 days and then into the sun - and kept them moist. I waited 'til after the last frost.

what did I do wrong? not one seed sprouted? I just don't understand. - ps. I got my seeds from www.tomatofest.com - which I read wonderful reviews about.

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Try leaving them in the house. They really don't need light as much as soil temp until they get going. Just put them in a room with a window for a few days.

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They can take a while to germinate - perhaps you should try between moist towels in a plastic bag first - ? That's what I do, and then I carefully plant them in their containers.

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I usually have pretty good luck starting toms, but some varieties seem to take much longer than others. I start my seeds using a sterilized seed starting medium with bottom heat in a clear storage container (to keep humidity up so I don't have to water until they have sprouted). I've read that using soil is not a good way to start seeds since soil may contain pathogens that can cause damping off.

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How long ago did you start them? And were they outside? If you're in zone 5, it's been too cold at night, but inside is great, especially near a heat vent until they sprout. I use self-watering containers because I am bad at keeping seedlings evenly moist. Peat should be great for starting them.
Also, once they do sprout, my dad said not to plant them outside until Memorial Day! I wait until at least after Mother's Day, but mine are pretty big already.
You might want to ask this on the tomato list, if you haven't already.

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