Too late to plant?

Columbine2012(5)September 17, 2013

I ordered Ice Follies Hellebores in August, the delivery date is set for anytime between October 7th and October 28th. I am just wondering what is the ideal time to plant and do you guys have any tips on growing them. I am in zone 5b.

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You should be fine, anytime really. I plant up to the frost and they survive. Dormant plants are placed after the frost sometimes. Go for it.

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I just came across a really neat on-line site that I can order 4-yr olds from. However, I am concerned that the summer heat might put them into transplant shock but I do want to get them into the ground giving them enough time to establish before frost. Temps average lately around 94F and will probably remain for the next 1 1/2 months give or take a few degrees. Perfect woodland spot is already picked out and watering will be performed to keep them hydrated.

I live on the rise of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, UT and everyone says, it's a dry heat" which it is. I've finished planting my perennials for full/part sun and now wanting to address my shade/dappled shade woodland area.

Is it safe to plant these now? The are shipped bare root "Priority" from Georgia and would arrive in 3-4 days.

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