Caring for basil and mint in the winter

Gardener103January 7, 2013

Hello. I am still new at gardening and would greatly appreciate any tips for caring for basil and mint in the winter. My mint plant is growing fine (it's winter time in Maryland) and it's currently indoors with my basil.

However , there are many small basil plants( much bigger then seedlings , about 4 or 5 inches tall) next to my mature basil plant that are growing rather well , but aren't very bushy/seem very thin. Would there be any way for me to keep them healthy during the winter?

My house is very warm indoors and they are constantly given hours of fluorescent light. I understand though that most plants avoid heavy leaf/flower production in the winter.
Any help would be great , thanks!

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I think that your basil would benefit with more light. Perhaps you could move the plants closer to the light source and/or increase the light intensity.

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homegrown54(z6 SE Ohio)

Roger on the light, Chervil2. And make sure you're not overwatering, and feed a little from time to time. Mine is bushy under lights right now.

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