Crosones Tubers

josie23(5)May 13, 2005

I'm not sure if crosones (chinese artichokes) fall under heirloom or not, but they are about as hard to find as some heirlooms.

I would like to find a few tubers to plant yet this spring. I have looked through catalogs, and scoured the internet and cannot find anyone selling them. Do any of you know of a source? I only need a few, maybe 12? just enough to have a few plants this year, and a few more next, and next etc.

At the farmers market there is one vendor selling them, but they are cellered from last fall and washed up for eating purposes and I don't know if that will hinder their growth. Plus they are charging $20 per pound which seems a little high since I want them for growing not eating.

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If you google CROSNES or Stachys affinis, you'll find quite a few sources for tubers or plants, some quite cheap.
BTW, you would only need one or 2 oz to get started as they spread very fast. The cellared ones at the farmers market would probably be ok.

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