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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)July 18, 2014

just got this and am very happy with it so far. but i have a question for some of you who have been using it for awhile now.

it concerns the new feature recently added this year with being able to have different file cabinets. my question is, if i were to have my main file cabinet (zero) as all registered cultivars, and make a different file cabinet (one) for all my NOIDS...would the hybridizing/seedling part of it still be able to bring in the pics from both file cabinets into the pedigree?

say i cross a registered flower with one of my noids...would it bring the noid picture into the seedling pedigree as well, even though its in a completely different file cabinet? thanks!

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shive(6b TN)

I have the Plantstep program, but don't know the answer. Just email your question to, and the program owners will respond pretty quickly.


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