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factoryfarmerMay 30, 2012

I have a kind of odd question to ask. I am planning a project where we would need to use at least one seed provider - open pollinated only. I need someone from whom we can purchase high quality seeds in bulk - maybe 4oz of tiny seeds, many lbs of things like beans - but because the volume isn't very high, for once price isn't really much of a factor. I'm more interested in a wide variety of cultivars, as well as some intangible measure of 'good' that they do. For instance, I *love* mountain valley seeds for selection and value, but I don't know anything about their corporate ethic. We'll probably use them for some cultivars, actually - but I'd love to support some seed conservation groups, too. I figure if we're spending money, we might as well spend it in places where the 'good' multiplies. Oh, in case there are any specialized groups, I'm mostly looking for high yielding, fast growing vegetable crops. Herbs are good too.

Who would you recommend? Are there any particularly awesome options if smaller quantity was doable? Thanks guys =)

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due diligence is required. You should be searching companies that sell OP seed. Here are a few to get started.

Sandhill Preservation
Bakers Creek
High Mowing
Southern Exposure

You can find links to these on this webpage.
Seed and supplies


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Thank you - I suppose I should have known even this little piece would require some real research =P At least this part isn't physics!

Thanks for those leads, fusion - I had ordered from Southern Exposure in the past, but I don't think I'd even *heard* of High Mowing before. That link is incredible, by the way! Just on a quick glance I found a Native American seed bank group - how awesome!

I'll post if I find anything useful as I search, in case googlers stumble upon this thread.

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I stumbled upon this thread. Dar J. listed a few to get you started, and I've ordered from each he listed, at one time or another. All worthy sources. For seed preservation [groups]- the Seed Savers Exchange (in Decorah, IA) can supply a pkt or bulk, and they are the seed preservation in the highest regard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Savers Exchange

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