Planting Hellebores under Japanese maple?

ikea_gwOctober 17, 2008

Newbie question! I have a pretty old japanese maple next to my front door. I am wondering if I can plant hellebores under the maple. The tree is probably at its mature height of 15 feet with a similar spread. There is no visible roots under it and there is a heavenly bamboo and some other low growing shrub nearby. There seems to be some mushrooms growing in the vicinity as well but I don't know if this will be a problem for the hellebores. It gets filtered shade when the maple has leaves and morning sun otherwise. Thanks for any help.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I have a smaller variegated Japanese maple underplanted with (among other things) hellebores. Do a test dig and see if you have too much root competition there. Mine have been in place approx 5 years and I'm not seeing any sign of 'root fighting' or crowding so far.

I have other hellebores under a native vine maple in another part of the property - those I have to watch more closely and give more water in late summer. Little denser canopy to the older vine maple deflecting rain and thirstier roots to that tree it seems.

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