Key Lime Tree - why no fruit ?

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)June 26, 2010

I purchased a 4 ft Key Lime tree from a nursery in Homestead, Florida in March, 2009. It was full of small green limes and white flowers. They grew and I had fruit up the ying-yang the rest of the year. Moderate watering, moderate compost applied and moderate to sparce fertilizing ensued everry few months.

The tree is now almost 6 ft tall and looks healthy, but no fruit at all since the last limes dropped last December.

I expected more small fruits in the early part of this year, but none ever appeared. Lots of green leaves all over, some small blotches of yellow on a few leaves. But still no flowers this year, not a sign of any to this day.

What happened ? Could the cold spell we had here in early January, 2010, have affected the tree production ? Do these trees only fruit every other year ? Am perplexed.

Thanks for any feedback.

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I have noticed very little to nothing for flowers and/or fruit on my different citrus plants. One lemon on my lemon trees, 3 oranges on the orange trees, nothing on my kumquat trees, but my protected little 3 foot tall container citrus is loaded with little fruit. I'm blaming it on the cold we had this winter.


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Growers push the trees to get them fruiting because that's what people buy. Typically citrus won't fruit consistently until the tree is about seven years old. It is recommended that you remove the occasional fruit from a young tree in order to get it to put it's energy into growth. Patience is called for.

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couple of things one is that the abnormal winter definately messed up the lemon and lime fruit set. the other is at least for me in merritt island we are basically in a drought!! my other citrus definately shed a bunch of immature fruit due to lack of water

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