tomatoes flower, no fruits

aquaponic_jimJune 17, 2009

I've been shaking my tomato plants since they started flowering at 2 feet tall ....... now they're 6 1/2 feet tall and still haven't produced any fruit or even anything that looks like it will be fruit. I'm growing the aquaponically indoors using Guppies and crawdads since we have had snow as late as late May here this year. I shake them two/three times a day, but nothing ..... we started them in early February ....... they are heirloom seeds from 'Irish Eyes' ..... just a note - the cuke and squash from 'Irish Eyes' never did produce any female flowers, so they were a bust, and the bush beans produced a total of 6 beans out of four plants ....... needless to say, I'm not thrilled with 'Irish Eyes' heirloom seeds.

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