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randy(6-VA)December 28, 2007

Bought quite a few of this H. niger variety this summer in 3" pots. They are blooming already with the clearest white, large, outfacing flowers and very small leaves. Just lovely. If you've had any experience with these please let me know how large they grow. Seems like a great plant to me.

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They are a new introduction from Germany through the Yoder hellebore breeding program, so it is unlikely there is much of a track record yet on their performance. In the breeder's patent info, 'Jacob' is noted for being a very early blooming selection of H. niger as well as offering a very compact, mounding growth habit. Size is reported at a 18cm spread and a 33cm height. These plants are all propagated by tissue culture so there should be a great deal of consistancy in bloom and habit.

Similar introductions from the same HGC (Hellebore Gold Collection) breeding program include 'Joshua' and 'Joseph Lemper'. 'Joseph Lemper' may be the most widely available at this time as it is extremely floriferous, producing dozens of flowers by late November or early December in most areas and with very tall, erect flower stems with upward facing flowers.

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Thanks gardengal. 'Joseph Lemper' sounds great. Do you know a source for this variety? Didn't have much luck Googling.

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These are all still pretty new in this country, so availability maybe not so widespread. I have a local wholesale source for this selection (from which I purchase for my nursery) but you're right, there's not too much mail order activity with this one yet. I did notice that Greer Gardens is offering 'Joseph Lemper', but I'd have to say the price is a bit extravagant. Greer has an excellent reputation, though.

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