Coming soon to a garden near you.......

gardengal48December 13, 2004

...blooming hellebores! It won't be long now - doing some routine clean up this weekend, I discovered flower buds on most of my hellebores already poking above the soil surface. Based on the number of buds showing, it's gonna be a good season. Heavy budding is also taking place on argutifolius, 'Janet Starns', xsternii and various forms of foetidus. Don'tcha just love it when the hellebores bloom?

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I do love it. Now if it just were slightly nicer weather so I could get out and enjoy them.

H. foetidus Sienna had been blooming for more than a month, oriental double pinks and pink anemone flowered followed not long after - with more of those plants from that years seedlings just now beginning to send up flower shoots too. A couple of Betty Ranicars are blooming now, Heronswood purple has shoots tall enough they are showing quite a bit of color and seem to be heavily budded. Heronswood yellow just now breaking ground.

But I've had a strange helleborus year, with plants blooming sporadically since May. Several put out their first flowers out of season from seed grown plants ( none of those flowers produced seed but I understand thats normal.)

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It's a couple months too early here.
I have a few trying to bloom anyway.
Here's a picture I took yesterday...

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