Omar's Lebanese, Bucks County, Boxcar Willie

judiz(RI/Z6)June 1, 2005

I haven't grown tomatoes in several years, but decided to do so again and got these in a swap. All are new to me, so I'd like any info-- pro, con, whatever--about them. All are still in pots since the weather in RI has been so atrocious. Thanks!

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go to the tomato forum and speak with dr carolyn or fusion there passion is heirlooms

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alaska_rick(Juneau, AK)

That will find a couple of them for you. Go to the search function of the above page. Not much but it is a start.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Put them in the ground. They will be quick to respond with vigorous new growth.

I am growing Box Car Willie, which I selected based on the description in Carolyn's book. It is supposed to be a very high yielding red tomato. Fruit is extremely juicy with robust, old-fashioned tomato taste.

My Box Car Willies are looking great, very sturdy and have large blossoms. If this one turns out as hoped it will be a regular in my garden.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

so I'd like any info-- pro, con, whatever--about them. All are still in pots since the weather in RI has been so atrocious. Thanks!

I'm also assuming that these are now in the ground and I'm not sure how I missed your thread, b'c I would have referred you to the Tomato Forum, where heirloom varieties are discussed.

Omar's Lebanese is variety I introduced. Large pink beefsteak fruits, reg foliage, indeterminate, vigorous plant, outstanding taste. Origin is from a former colleague of mine from the hilltowns of Lebanon. I can think of no cons at all.

Box Car Willie is another variety I introduced. This was bred by Joe Bratka's father and has become a favorite of many for abundant round red fruits, indet, reg foliage and excellent taste. Joe found the seeds for this one and several others in a toolshed and couldn't get them germonate so sent them to me. Others in the series, all excellent, are Red Barn, Mule Team and Great Divide.

Bucks County Red is really a hybrid Red Brandywine introduced by Burpee. it was first introduced as Red Brandywine Hybrid, then the name changed to Buck's COunty Red without telling folks it was a hybrid RB, and then that got corrected.

I've grown the hybrid from plants and from seed and compared it with regular open pollinated Red Brandywine and see no differnece at all.

I'm not one who likes to see heirlooms converted to hybrids, just my opinion, so that's why I did comparisons with this one.

Conventional RB is an outstanding variety, but it's hard to get correct seeds these days b'c a lot of wrong seed was distributred by a wholesale commercial firm in Ca.

If you want true seed, get it at in PA or from Tomato Growers Supply as the Lndis strain, dont' ask, LOL, or from SandHill Preservation.

I see all pros and no cons for any of these three varieties.


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Thanks so much for all the great information! The plants are doing well, and the heat of the past few weeks has really made a difference, so I am looking forward to some good eating in the near future!

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