Hellebore damage during fall clean-up?

rayliveshereDecember 8, 2007

New to Hellebores--planted 4 this fall in a suitable location. This week, after a good freeze, while the yard guys were removing leaves from the beds, they broke many of the stems off several of the plants(ARGH!). What do you think my chances are they will make it?

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I assume that they were leaf stems(petioles)?
Since it's a little early for blooms.
Not to worry, won't matter at all. Lots of people cut off the foliage when bloom buds appear, to better display the flowers.
Just check to be sure they didn't uproot them, since they are new plantings and the soil is still loose around the roots. Also check for moisture and give them a drink if needed, sparingly, then add a layer of mulch over the root zone, being careful to leave some airspace around the stems.
Enjoy the winter flowers! :Rb

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