banana melons

gypsyladyJune 10, 2004

I have banana melons growing. Does anyone know what they taste like? Do they grow like zukini? I am growing in blocks this year. I hope I didnt space them too close.


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they grow like cantaloupes

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bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)

I grew them once. They tasted like your average cantaloupe, I personally don't know why some catalogs say they have the taste of a banana. The problem was, the weather was inconsistent so a few of them weren't as sweet as the others. Our summer highs can be as low as 68 if there are clouds to a high of 100+(then they get sweet) since I am 5 miles from the coast. Growth habit was 6-7 feet of vine, like your typical melon. They got pretty big, each one about 5 lbs or more. Mine didn't have much aroma but it was nice once you opened it. I like it because people wouldn't think of stealing it like other melons - it looks too much like a banana squash from a distance.

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I grew them years ago and found them to have a slight banana taste. They do grow like cantaloupes.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Banana melons are not supposed to taste like a banana. They were so named b/c they look like a large banana.

There's a good picture of them online at Amy Goldman's website. Amy has written a good book on heirloom melons. And you'll see my name on the thanks page but not b/c I dontaed seed or grew any of them; it was more research oriented. My passion is heirloom tomatoes, not melons.

Actually I got a delivery from Amy yesterday of 10 exquisite heirloom melons.

Banana was not one of them. LOL


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