Black pepper tomato plant???

annanetJune 9, 2010

I just received a Black Pepper tomato plant from a friend of mine in New York (I am in Michigan). She received seeds from her Pastor that his Mom grows the seeds and has for many years. Their family came over from Italy in the 70's. I cannot find any info on this variety via online searches. I asked a fellow gardener/coworker if he had heard of this and he said he knows a guy that received a plant from a guy at his church. The man was a missionary in Tanzania for quite some time. The Pastor in NY also did missionary work but the seeds were from his Mother. Just a REALLY strange coinsidence!

Can anyone help me out with info on this heirloom!?!? Thanks in advance :)

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Hey I'm from MI too! What (another) coincidence haha ...Do you have a picture of this tomato and if so could you post a link to it? It may be that the tomato in question has another name and if that is a case I could probably tell you what it is. Or you may have in your possesion an extremely RARE family heirloom tomato!

The term Heirloom is given to an open-pollinated tomato that has been in circulation for over 50 years. If it was brought over in the 70's then it may not be an "Heirloom," but rather a "family heirloom." This simply means that it is not mainstream and therefore information on it will be hard to find. The best source of info would probably be from the Pastor's Mother. Best of Luck!

Here's a little link describing Heirlooms:

And I'd really like to check out this variety if you have any spare seeds? I can trade you for any of the tomatoes listed on my members page. thanks!


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I just tripped across this thread, and was wondering if anyone has grown this one out yet. Would like to get any additional information. Can't seem to find anything anywhere. Thanks....Heather

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