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don_in_coloradoMarch 31, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have a few heucheras, and now that I can see 'em, I noticed two plants that got absolutely smashed in places where the snow got deep, and sat unmelted for an extended period of time. These plants are flattened, and for the most part almost all their leaves have been 'torn' off (for lack of a better term) I assume by tons of snow on them. That's my guess, at least.

I know they're still alive, and my question is: Should I expect them to grow back what they lost over the winter, and therefore recover nicely so that they don't look 'set back', or do you think they'll look kinda 'meh' for quite some time? Do you think it's a 'lost' season for them, and I'll have to wait for 2015 to see them look their best?

Any info is appreciated, as I bought them all last season, and really don't know anything about them (other than that they are beautiful, and I plan on getting more)! : )

Thanks very much,
Don B.

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Hi Don. Without seeing a picture of what you're referring to, I say give them a chance. Typically, mine look pretty "flat" after a big frost or snow. The new growth usually shoots out of the middle of the plants, so by summer I have a nice, round plant again. A few of mine die all the way back in the winter and I always wonder if they're lost come springtime. However, they usually come right back...although those type aren't as big and full for a while. Obviously, the ones that stay present over the winter get larger faster. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, FlowerFrenzy. I don't intend to remove them, I'll just give 'em a little liquid fish, keep watering them and see how well they recover. I'll post pics in the near-future. My other three heucheras have snapped right back into form, and are getting some great new growth. Yay spring!

Don B.

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Yes Don, Yay Spring! I have over 20 Heuchera planted, we also had a tough winter, all of mine have new growth except Caramel, but I will be patient, as the more sun they get, I have noticed, the earlier they get new growth. All were planted last year, so I do not know to expect either. Easily replaced, if one doesn't come back. Good luck, Debra

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bragu_DSM 5

don, they will be fine. Sometimes after a tough winter they look a little ratty, but by the time summer is here you will be wondering which plants you thought may have been damaged.

it is too early to talk of lost seasons.



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jan_on zone 5b

Don. - I have several heucheras and although the leaves persist well into winter, by spring most of them look pretty ratty. I usually trim off almost all "surviving" leaves, and then STAND BACK! They're even tougher than hostas!

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Thanks all. Indeed, I noticed some good new growth on the smashed ones today. Good deal.

Don B.

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