Peppers...can you digest them OK?

keepitlow(6)February 21, 2011

Made some meatloaf with bell peppers in them. Kept burping them all night. Can you digest peppers OK? I had heard if you skin them they digest better. Is this true? How do you skin them easily?


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I never skin them. I cook with peppers at least 3-4 times a week. I cook them a variety of ways, including large quantities in stuffed peppers and stir-fry. I also use them in smaller quantities in meatloaf, Chinese and Mexican dishes, in salmon patties, with omelets or hashbrowns. I also use them raw for dips and salads. I use them fresh when in season and canned and frozen for out-of-season. No one in our family has a problem with digesting them, although I have heard others voice your complaint before. I don't know the reason, but to answer your question, we all digest them with no problems, and I don't skin them. I love peppers.

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Try using a natural digestive aid and see if you notice the difference that I do. A tablespoon of kefir curds and whey a couple times a day really helps me. (I have Crohn's Disease) The hotter the pepper (capsaicin level) the harder to digest in my experience.

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WOW...jill2761 Your very lucky. Just 1/4 of a bell pepper gives me hours of indigestion. Wish I could find some that worked for me as I like them too.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Not much affects my digestion, but a cooked green bell pepper will give me heartburn - I do like them but don't eat them. A raw green bell pepper is fine, no problems with those. Peeled, unpeeled, doesn't matter, and no I can't explain it :)

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CA Kate

I can't eat Green Bell Peppers, and I know several others who can't either. I just don't bother to eat them. What I grow I allow to get red (ripe), and I only buy red.

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I don't always do well Green bells but have never had problems with red bells.. which I prefer anyway. Since the red pepper is the nutritionally superior, mature form of the green pepper, I've always assumed that the digestibility improvement comes from a change in the enzymes or maybe the fiber or cellulose structure changes. No matter, I just eat the red bells now. The green form of hotter peppers such as Anaheims or Jalapenos don't bother me at all though :D

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You might also try taking a digestive enzyme pill/chewable just before a meal that you know might cause problems. I can't remember the specific brand I tried, I think it was called Omnigest -- most any pharmacy should carry them. These are kind of like tablets for lactose intolerance or beano in that they contain digestive enzymes, but these specific pills have multiple types of enzymes for various foods. That might help.

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I like the taste, but have the same problem, bad indigestion. This is ridiculous for me as i can eat THE HOTTEST chili peppers without a problem , and love it. I have a cast iron stomach and can eat just about any old thing, but green peppers just make me ill.

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This year I'm giving this variety a try:

Here is a link that might be useful: Park's Dolcetto Pepper

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mellyofthesouth(9a FL)

I'm so glad you started this thread. I thought I was weird. I don't like to eat green bell peppers. I like them just fine the first time I taste them but I don't really enjoy burping them for hours. Red ones are much easier to digest.

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I have the same problem with bells, though I haven't noticed it with spicy hot peppers. I am just learning about green smoothies and am getting a high quality blender that breaks down vegetables much finer than others. I find that I can have any combination of fruits and veggies together in a smoothie without getting gas. So I am wondering if this might help with bells. When I get the good blender I will experiment with a very tiny piece in a big smoothie with kefir and see how it goes. I also don't understand what the problem is.

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