Charentais / Charentais-type / ??????

bart1(6/7 Northern VA)June 8, 2006

Could someone please explain what a Charentais melon vs. a Charentais-type is? I've read all the great things about the taste of Charentais melons but I'm confused on the nomenclature. For instance I planted a Savor melon this year and in some places I see it as "Charentais-Savor".

Is there just a good old Charentais melon?

What does Charentais Savor mean?

Are they other types of Charentais melons?

If these other types are hybrids, can I save the seeds and get the same plants next year?



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reign(z5 NY)

Savor is a hybrid. Nope on saving seeds and expecting them to come true to form. I haven't grown Savor. I grow Charentais. I have no idea how close it tastes to heirloom Charentais. Grow both and compare? :) You can get Charentais seeds at

Charentais-type just means it is breed to be the same type of melon. One of the parents is Charentais. IMO it is marketing talk to help people recognize the fact that it is a Charentais hybrid. I assume along with disease resistance, it gives people in unfriendly Charentais zones a chance to grow something close. Maybe it is crack resistant. :)

Yes there are other Charentais type hybrids.

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

Thanks Reign!

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