Fertilize all season long?

rockjetJune 27, 2007

hi....i have a 3 by 20 ft organic tomato patch.

the soil is great, i added manure and compost at the beginning of the year.

in each tomato plant hole i started with a couple of tbsp's of espoma tomato-tone, phosphate and bone meal.

that's it up until now. (i planted 6 weeks ago,nyc area)

i have all heirlooms and they are doing great.

some plants have more tomatoes than others but i have 12 different varieties.

i also squeezed in peppers and basil.

at this point i'm not sure to leave things alone and have the plants supported by the nice rich soil or add a 'lil more espoma organic as a boost. i have a lot of little tomatoes springing out.

what's the rule of thumb?

i dont want to risk overfertilizing.

i was also thinking of trying some liquid seaweed for the first time.

any thoughts?



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I am not an expert but I have been making 'aerated compost tea' & applying that every now & then, of course, I have made the compost last winter. I dont think you can go wrong if you dilute the fert. to say half strength or so.

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crabjoe(z7 MD)

Hmmmm Tomatoes...

I'm going to tell you not to fertilize since you've got compost and manure in there. A tomato plant that gets fed to well won't fruit or fruit very little. What happens is the the tomato plant will just keep growing.

The only time I give anything to my Tom's is if the leaves just arn't as green as they should be. When that happens, I just sprinkle a bit of epsom salt around the base. The epsom salt will help the plant pick up more nitrogen.

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