Golden Midget always has yellow leaves!

kristie8888(zone8 TX)June 11, 2006

I ordered Golden Midget Watermelon from Baker Creek and last year the coytledons (seedling) came up yellow. This year, they seedlings came up yellow but started to green up a bit in the pot and now they are in the garden with five foot vines and softball sized fruit but still solid yellow leaves.

Normally I would think there is some type of deficiency, but, the other 4 varieties of watermelon are dark green and planted in the same area of the garden. Gets the same fertilizer.

Does Golden Midget just have yellow leaves?

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Hi Kristie,

I have the same problem (except my leaves are a pale yellow). I bought my seeds from I called them to ask about the leave color. They told me that this characteristic is not normal. Unfortunately, their rep could not explain what was wrong and how to fix it.



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reign(z5 NY)

Golden Midget will have some yellow leaves here and there as it is growing. When a female bloom doesn't get pollinated there is some yellowing of the leaves near it. You'll notice the unpollinated fruit turns yellow gold. As melons ripen and start taking on their golden color, foliage turns yellowish gold.

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kristie8888(zone8 TX)

Mine is yellow with paleness in the middle of the leaf.

Maybe this melon is more prone to developing seeds that are deficient in nutrients. So when we recieve the seed it is already lacking something. Just a thought.

Reign is right about the unpollinated fruit turning yellow and the surrounding leaves too. But the leaves were yellow before the plant even started flowering.

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My seedlings came up green but the older leaves are turning yellow. So I guess that's half-normal? Plenty of male and female blooms, and plenty of flying pollinators, but nothing has "taken" as yet. Is this a result of our Houston heat?

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Yes, I've noticed that myself. Around the oldest areas are turning pure yellow. I've sprayed it with Daconil to halt disease spread, so I'm assuming that if others are having the same problem, then maybe it's the same mechanism that causes the fruit to turn yellow when ripe.

Don't pick fruit when it first turns yellow, as I did, because it needs a little longer. I have deep sandy soil, so watermelons thrive. I just harvested a 35 pound moon and stars. I've eaten a few of the golden crowns, and they're good.

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I'm having the same problem. I have 4 varieties of melons and all the other plants are green and healthy as can be with the exception of the golden midget variety. All are fed, watered and get the same soil and sun. I thought maybe there was something wrong but maybe hopefully its just the variety????? Seeing as there are others having the same experience. I hope it doesnt effect the fruit, I've been looking forward to trying the golden midgets for a while now....

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