Pregnant onion search!

seaecho1(SW CA)June 5, 2004

Hi - I guess this is the forum I would post this message, since I saw an old thread on it. Pregnant onions - I want one, but can't find one anywhere. I tried Lowe's and Home Depot, and don't know of any online growers. Can anyone help me? Thank you!


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shanklemsw(Z8 CoastalSC)


Do you mean an Egyptian Onion? With the bulblets on top?


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seaecho1(SW CA)

Well, I've never heard it referred to as an Egyptian onion. The one I want is Ornithogalum caudatum. I've also read about "false sea onions," but don't know if its the same thing or not.


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rosewylde(z7 NC)

Try Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

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cathy97528(zone6 USDA)

Hoping to find pregnant onion plant or bulbs.
Can anyone help??

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The Western Garden Book also lists O. caudatum as O. longibracteatum. I have this plant growing like crazy in my front planter. It is becoming a pest! I can send you some bulblets but not sure how they would make it through the mail, even with bubblewrap. If you can find out how much postage is for hand stamping and send that postage to me, I will send you some.


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surfpnsbch(z8 NWFL)

I have some plants that the person who gave them to me called "pregnant onions". If you want some of the little bulblets I would be happy to share.
Let me know if you still want some.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

They are being sold constantly on Ebay. That is where I got mine. And yes, the bulbils can easily be mailed, provided they are wrapped carefully enough to prevent crushing.

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Mister_Greenjeans(Z8 TX)

I have about forty individual plants in 4 inch pots, and maybe another forty in various containers. The Ornithogalum caudatum "Pregnant Onion" grows trailing green fronds to 6 foot from a central sea-green bulb which resembles the texture and peeling characterisitcs of an onion. Propagation is through bulblets which appear after the outer skin turns brown, dries out and falls away, leaving the bulblet free to drop to the ground.

This plant also sends a single stalk skyward out of the center of the bulb with formed variegated flowers at the tip. As the stalk grows, only the tip remains flowered. The stalk usually grows 4 feet towards a light source.

With a six foot draping frond, a functioning bulb, and a four foot flower stalk, the Pregnant Onion requires (and possibly deserves) a pedastal for its home. It does well in a shady garden and is difficult to kill. It rebounds quickly from under-waterings. Over-watering will cause root rot, but bulblets will revive the plant. Reproduces quickly. Loves high humidity, and unless it is supplied you can expect the fronds will brown at the tips.

I am willing to trade. Contact me through my e-mail. Will respond with photo.

Mr. G

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

Randi and Cathy -- Just saw your post asking for a source for pregnant onions. I just found the GW website and forums, and that's why my response is over a year late! I'll send you some bublets. I got my start over 30 years ago and it's still going strong, producing babies all the time. I've given away so many and am hapy to share. Just send me an email with your address.

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I have had numerous babies fall off the mother plant, but nothing happens. Some have dried up and died, others are still surviving. Is there a way to "plant them" properly, or do I just leave them lay on top of the soil? Help.

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