Blackberry Frost

lvmygrdn1(7)April 20, 2014

I am new to heuchera and am obsessed. I just brought home Blackberry Frost. What a pretty plant. I took the photo with my iPad and without my glasses, my apologies. What are your thoughts on this plant? I put it at the front of the border.

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Dummy me! It's Blackberry Ice not Blackberry Frost. I have Violet Frost on the brain because I looked at that too. Ree

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Very pretty and I need one. :D


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That's one from the Dolce series. I love the color. Thanks for sharing...another one to add to my list.

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Thank you flower-frenzy. I looked up Dolce series on the internet as I wasn't sure it was about. Now I have others to add to me list. :)

Thank you for your posts. I've been reading them and learning a lot.

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If you're looking at buying some in the Dolce series, you might consider 'Dolce Peach Melba'. It grows nicely for me. It comes out deeply colored like this in the spring and then fades to a mellow peach color in the summer. The leaves have nice veining in the summer as well, if you like that look. Some of the oldest leaves turn greenish, as you can see from the bottom of the picture. Sometimes it has a tri-color look when everything's going on all at once.

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Oh my Peach Melba is beautiful. I may have to add that to my online order. After reading the posts I picked up Kassandra, Berry Smoothie and Paris yesterday because I remember seeing them on this board. A lot of the varieties I like online seem to be hard to find. I think I will place an order. Does the Dolce series perform as well as others. I'm in zone 7 and the summers can get pretty hot. From what I've read the Villosa Heuchera do well in the heat and humidity.

I started looking into heuchera a week ago or so and now have 8. :) When I stopped by the nursery yesterday, they asked if I was looking for more Heuchera. Oh my goodness. Ree

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I live in the PNW (WA state), so I can't speak to heat and humidity like some of our southern friends can. However, the heucheras in the Dolce series are villosa hybrids. From all I've read, they should do well in hotter climates.

Don't feel bad...once you buy one or two heuchera, it's hard to stop! I have almost 100 now. At least you're not as bad as me. Yet. Lol

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I feel like a dummy. Why did I not notice that the Dolce series were villosa hybrids. Do favor one series over the other? Sorry for all my questions. Thank you. Ree

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No problem...ask as many questions as you'd like! I don't know if I have all of the answers, though. I'm sure somebody here does even if I don't.

It's hard to say which series are my faves, since I like almost every heuchera I've ever purchased. I do have to say that I love a lot of the villosa hybrids because of their great substance and huge, fuzzy leaves. They seem to be tougher than my other heuchs and they'll take a wide range of conditions and always look good.

The Dolce series is great for color, but they don't have particularly big leaves (even though they're villosa hybrids). That series is also excellent if you like a lot of veins in the leaves, which I happen to love.

I also like the marmalade series of heucheras because of their intense colors and ruffled leaves. I have 'Marmalade', 'Lime Marmalade' and 'Berry Marmalade' and they're all outstanding plants. I have pictures of each one in some of my previous threads.

The crisp series is great as well. The leaves are somewhat serrated and almost sharp looking. I have all 4 of them and three out of the four are favorites of mine. The exception would be 'Blackberry Crisp', which doesn't seem to grow as well and gets crown rot more easily than the rest. I keep it around because the color is beautiful. Someone in a drier climate might have better luck with it than I do.

Hope I've helped. If you have questions on a particular plant you're considering (provided that I grow it) I'd be happy to weigh in.

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