Blueberry Question [bamboo rabbit?]

nova_gwJune 6, 2012

I am currently growing some 26 blueberry bushes in tubs and am getting ready to do the annual prune and top off the tubs with fresh mulch and peat. My question is this - I usually use pine bark that comes in bags from the big box stores but this year, due to a recent tree trimming I have access to a large amount of freshly chipped pine - branches, needles, etc. - Would it be ok to use this mixed with my peat to top off the tubs? Or would it be too "fresh" - the chips are less than 1 week old - and possibly "burn" my plants.

Thanks for any advise!


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Hi, Susan,

I am sure BR has some great info for you.

That said; The only negative I have ever heard about fresh chips is that they tend to lock up nitrogen and only release it after they are well rotted.

Because of this, I like to add some high nitro fert when using fresh chips. (Just had a load show up this morning!)


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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


I just planted one of you last week:) well the mandarin anyway.

I am assuming it will just be a couple inches of the chips? If so no problem at all as it takes a good depth of mulch before they will heat up. Far as the N being tied up that only happens at the soil interface so no worries. I guess you fertilize anyway just before or when you prune?

I just finished giving mine a hair cut last weekend.

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Hi Veronica! Long time since I stopped in here. I still have the rose you gave me the time we met up at Rose Petals with Sherry. I think of you everytime it blooms!

Thanks Bamboo Rabbit! I do only add a couple of inches of the mulch/peat combo to each tub. I fertilized last week in between monitoring the tree trimmers. This week is haircut time and, having a mountain of pine chips piled up,I really hate going out and buying more!


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Nice to hear from you, Susan. That rose was a double rooted cutting and my Souvenir de Fran�ois Gaulain is doing well, too.

I am pleased with Isabella Sprunt. She is a reliable, back-of-the-border plant. Thank you for that rooted cutting.

I don't know what the heck is going on with that Cornelia cutting you gave me. She is a huge octopus that has yet to bloom!

I urge you to try Climbing Pinkie. I can't get over how vigorous and healthy this THORNLESS plant is. I just planted it last August (a small one gallon) and it is ten feet high and then cascades over. I see new basal shoots coming on...

The roses are maturing beautifully in my garden and I hope yours, too. Still remember those spectactular leaf pavers you made. Wow!

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