Heebies and the Geebies!

funnthsun z7A - Southern VAApril 17, 2014

I just wanted to share this bizarre event and see if you guys assessed it the same way that I did. Try and make it short, but some background is needed. I was out browsing the shade beds and noticed that my gorgeous heucheras were getting "holy" and they were fine yesterday! With a closer look, I noticed those darn inch worms on several of them, making lunch for themselves! They weren't eating anything else, no hostas, no other shade perennials, just my heucheras. I immediately went and grabbed the Bayer Rose and flower insect spray and gave them a quick mist, then went on my way and ran a few errands.

An aside note here is that I found 5 baby snakes in this same bed this year several weeks ago, but on the other end of the bed. This is typical for early spring for me. Here's where it gets wierd. When I got home, and was browsing again, I noticed a bit bigger baby snake lounging in the opposite end of the bed where I found the others. Went and grabbed the hoe and came back around, only to find out that he was already a goner. That got me to wondering what killed him? Then I noticed the heuchera (my biggest one, a Licorice) about 10 inches away from him. OMG, I think he was under there! The whole time, when I was running my hands through it, then spraying it, etc. I am a little disturbed, I have to say. I guess the spray got him, too. Would you guys think that insect spray would kill a baby snake? I was kind of surprised by that, but it is the most likely conclusion. His body wasn't damaged in any way. So wierd!

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It's a very good bet that the spray got the baby snake. Reptiles are sensitive to poisons, too. What was it, a baby garter snake? The fact that it was a baby snake didn't help its survival chances either, vs. an adult.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Baby black snake. Have to trim the population down a bit each year, but don't mind a few of those hanging around to keep the other nasties away.

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I'm always fascinated by those who love nature enough to devote themselves to gardening can be so cruel to other aspects of nature. Bayer spray is killing our bees (I'm a beekeeper. Have any idea what it is like to open a hive and see the entire colony lying dead at the bottom?),and the black snakes take care of many other pests.

Just my thoughts.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

I am always fascinated by people who think their off-topic opinions are so important that they can give them at any time, no matter how insulting to others.

Just my thoughts.

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Two wrongs...

I love seeing bees on Heuchera (keeping it on topic) and especially on the bugbane. Snakes never bothered me in the garden, but those furry moths that act like hummingbirds...shudders...

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Its possible the snake was killed by the poison. I have had problems with what I will call bud worms before but not every year. They tend to be seasonal here so I pick them off each morning and put them in soapy water to dye. I hope this will minimize damage and help keep populations under control. Heuchera will grow new leaves and look better in a few weeks.

On another note, the snake populations can get out of control and the loss of a few snakes is not going to destroy an ecosystem. I would throw them in the trash before some hawk or eagle eats them.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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